symptoms during the 2-week wait

Because I might end up forgetting and wondering later, I figured I’d write down my initial symptoms after the embryo transfer (on May 3rd). Those of us who have struggled with infertility and the various treatments know how much we agonize over the waiting period between insemination/embryo transfer and The Pregnancy Test.

Anyway, so. Immediately after transfer, I took the elevator down a floor to the acupuncture office and had a “post transfer” treatment. Then, I drove to my regular acupuncturist and had yet another treatment. This was all because I’d seen some research saying that acupuncture immediately after transfer can seriously boost odds.

So, my first symptoms, which I really just chalked up to the transfer, were back cramps for 4 days. Then they abated, and then they came back again. About 6 days after transfer, I did a home pregnancy test, fully expecting it to be negative…and it was… but it was our anniversary, and I wanted a little bit of psychological permission to have a glass of wine. So I did. Of course, the negative test was also a way to ensure the HCG (from the IVF trigger shot the week before) was out of my system.

So, then I went away for a few days, and just felt vaguely PMSy… mild cramps, and a little bit tired. When I got home, I did another pregnancy test, this time 11 days after transfer, and it was a faint positive. OK. That was new.

I continued having back cramps, and then chills started. I call them “cold flashes.” I still have them now, 3 weeks after transfer.

My official pregnancy blood test was 4 days later, and no surprise, it was positive. I had a BetaHCG of 412, which was a nice, solid, healthy number.  Three days later, my HCG was 1680. Another good number. My nurse was happy enough that she said we didn’t need anymore tests for the next two weeks, when we’d do the first ultrasound.

So now I’m just waiting for that.

In the meantime, my other half and I are purposely moving very slowly, largely out of the knowledge that there’s about a 30 percent chance this will end in miscarriage. Trying to be cautiously optimistic.

It’s weird that I have very few symptoms otherwise – no nausea whatsoever. My appetite’s been a little bit less than usual, I suppose.


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