A little more

So, we had a second ultrasound yesterday. The peanut’s heart rate was 160 bpm.  I officially graduated from the fertility clinic, with no fanfare whatsoever.  But I’ll go back and visit some afternoon in 6 months or so, maybe.

The doctor said that we now have a 90 percent chance of a live birth. J and I are still very slowly getting used to the idea. After a few years of infertility and bad news, it’s easy to forget that what you’re actually trying to do is have an actual living, breathing, miniature human.  So I think right now we’re a little bit scared. We’re letting other people be excited, although I’ve asked my mom to try to restrain her excitement until after the chromosome testing. Results from that come back on July 11th, which will also be the day of my CVS testing. (Right now, we’re planning on doing first trimester screening, MaterniT21 testing, and also CVS.) We don’t plan to continue the pregnancy if there are chromosome problems. This is one of the main reasons we are keeping this secret for now.

We would have done pre-implanatation genetic testing if it had been covered by insurance, but we couldn’t afford it. It would have been $4000.

We haven’t done any real planning otherwise. I know a lot of people jump in as soon as they get a positive pregnancy test, but I think that people who have dealt with i

nfertility tend to be a lot more cautious. After the 12 week mark, and the testing results around the same time, I think we’ll relax a lot. We still don’t want to know the sex of the gummi bear until birth, though.  Neither of us believe in things like “blue for boys” or “ballerinas on the walls for girls.”  The only stuff we’ll have to figure out will be names for both.  Of course, my goal is to have the same name for either one. 🙂

Below is a picture of the first ultrasound from June 4th.

Second ultrasound (June 18th):

June 18th ultrasound (8 1/2 weeks)

8 1/2 weeks (2nd ultrasound)


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