Small gestational age?

Fucking hell, doc!

My reproductive endocrinologist, otherwise known as the fertility doctor, called on Friday and said he just realized that the embryo was a week behind schedule. They hadn’t realized this earlier because I’d come in for ultrasounds a week later (both times) than most people do. (For the record, I didn’t ask to schedule anything differently. I just picked a day that worked, schedule-wise.) So, at 7 and 9 weeks, he said, the embryo was actually the normal size for 6 and 8 weeks. Sigh. :-/

I already had an ultrasound scheduled tomorrow with my midwife at the birth center, so my RE wants me to let him know how it goes. I suspect he’s worrying too much… I hope. The heartrate at 9 weeks was 160 bpm, which was solidly in the normal range. So, I’m thinking, as long as I at least see the heart rate again tomorrow, and my midwife is happy, I’m not going to worry.

I really would love to relax soon about this pregnancy… I’d been hoping to do that after the first trimester screening and Maternity 21 test results.We’ll see, I guess….

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