Monthly Archives: August 2012

No, really.

No, really, other-patient-at-the-chiropractor, please continue talking about how effortless your numerous childbirths were. While I’m waiting for you to finish with that exercise ball, please keep talking about it all. I love to hear about strangers’ birthing experiences. It’s SO great to know that these exercises are good to use in labor. I really appreciate […]

Ok, the world doesn’t revolve around me

We had a major train derailment late Monday night, early Tuesday. I say “we” had one because I live on the river, across from the train tracks. The derailment happened about 200 yards away, and yet I slept through it. Obviously, that night, we must have had the air conditioner on and the windows closed. […]

Goodbye alcohol, farewell coffee.

  Damn.  That “taking a break from infertility” thing didn’t last long.