FSH, bishes!

Pardon me, but … YEAH.
My FSH this time was only 4.9. How awesome is THAT. Six months ago, it was 14. I don’t really feel like explaining it all. But basically, the lower the FSH, the better it is. Normal fertile women have FSH below 10. Mine hasn’t been this low since before 2010.

So that’s the short version.
What I think helped:
Acupuncture twice a week
Chinese herbs from said acupuncturist
Vitex (made sure to take it the night before the bloodwork, too)

I also think it helped enormously that I had the bloodwork early. I had it two days before Day 1 (!!!), and insurance only asks for Day 3. The fact I purposely went right before my period started meant it was even lower. That’s the big secret. You don’t want to take estradiol to suppress your FSH, because then the estradiol will be high and require another test.


One comment

  1. Woohoo! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it just keeps getting better! 😉

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