Shamanic journeying during acupuncture

I’m going to guess that nobody reading this blog does shamanic journeying during acupuncture for fertility. Just going out on a limb here and guessing that. 


Anyway, so, I’m going to freak y’all out now:

I had sex with Coyote yesterday.


All right, all right, really it was just a “dream.”  Actually, a shamanic journey. But they’re very similar. See, I like the deity Coyote. He’s cool. He’s irreverent and sexy. He’s a lot like Eddie Vedder, except he has a coyote head. This is all totally sane, I swear. 

This is shamanic journeying: A steady drum beat at a particular rate induces a waking “dream state.”  You sort of half-control the images. Anyway, it’s enlightening and relaxing, and I love putting on my drum track during acupuncture. So, I did that yesterday. Having sex with Coyote is really not a big deal. He’s a pretty horny guy, and it’s almost like shaking hands for him. Not a big event, no reason to call the media. Just hanging out, talking about the weather,”OH – how’d that get in there? I’m sorry – you were saying?”

Anyway, it’s a weird way to work on fertility, I know. But it relaxes me. He gave me some images on how to be healthier. So it works for me. 

Much better than kneeling in a pew used to be, anyway. 



  1. Ummmm….I’m freaked. LOL, jk. Shemanic Journeying?? I’m really going to have to look that up now… 😉

  2. Well, I can say for sure I’ve never done that before, but I have done visualizations and meditations during my acupuncture treatment….and I could totally get on board with Eddie Vedder with a Coyote head as long as it’s just a dream….

    BTW I know I’ve stumbled on to your blog before but I followed a link from a forum to get here…this post just caught me….Wishing you all the best of luck with this cycle!

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