Monthly Archives: October 2012

pretty sure

  I know better than to rely on symptoms, since the progesterone makes me crazy and mimics all the symptoms of both PMS and pregnancy… but I’m pretty sure I’ve just got typical PMS now. Three IVF cycles, 3 IUIs, and countless cycles before that… you’d think I’d know what’s PMS and what isn’t. But […]

Crappy IVF results.

  So, things seemed to be progressing well this IVF cycle. I had more follicles this time than before. They counted 17 follicles total on day 12 of stims. That’s good for me. Only 12 were measurable and between 12 and 21, so I figured we’d have no more eggs than that. So, we were […]

fun locations for injection time

I went to an all-night Wiccan ritual on Saturday. We do this sort of thing sometimes. Don’t freak out. Ok, freak out if you want. Honestly, Wiccans get a bad rap, and that’s probably thanks to shows like “Charmed” or “Buffy” (I loved Buffy) that led people to actually think wiccans have (or believe they […]

IVF3: Today’s estradiol and follicles

Whoohoo! So, my estradiol today (cycle day 4) was 114, or possible 141 (I need to check my notes). This is better than my other two IVFs at this stage: 41 and 78, or something similar. So that means my follicles are maturing more quickly and/or that I have more of them. This is a […]