fun locations for injection time

I went to an all-night Wiccan ritual on Saturday. We do this sort of thing sometimes. Don’t freak out. Ok, freak out if you want. Honestly, Wiccans get a bad rap, and that’s probably thanks to shows like “Charmed” or “Buffy” (I loved Buffy) that led people to actually think wiccans have (or believe they have) magical powers. We do not. We’re really quite boring. We’re sorta like what Catholicism would be like if it was done in the woods or in people’s houses. I have no idea what that means…. shit, the only thing Wicca has in common with Catholicism is a fondness for incense and ceremony. 

Truth: I’m not a fan of the ceremony stuff. I’d rather just hang out in nature and say “hey, water. Thanks. You’re awesome.” That’s about as formal as I like to get. But, since I do this Wicca stuff with other people, I have to play nice and be more ceremonial sometimes. 

Anyway. So I was involved in an all-night ritual Saturday night, and it was strange and disorienting, having to duck out in the middle of a meditation and go inject myself with IVF drugs (totally different mindset) and then come back and get back into meditation mode. MY BRAIN IS HUGE!


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