IVF3: Today’s estradiol and follicles

Whoohoo! So, my estradiol today (cycle day 4) was 114, or possible 141 (I need to check my notes). This is better than my other two IVFs at this stage: 41 and 78, or something similar. So that means my follicles are maturing more quickly and/or that I have more of them. This is a good thing. 🙂 I had 15 antral follicles last week, and they were all still there today. I would love to get at least 15 mature eggs this time. How awesome would that be? It would be a huge difference from before, that’s for sure.

Now, if only we can get my DH’s schedule fixed, it would be lovely. He was just switched to a different schedule and can’t make it to my retrieval now! So he has to do a frozen sample… but the clinic says they have no timeslots available… WTF… make me crazy, whydoncha? So we’re hoping somehow our nurse can fix everything in the morning…..


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