Crappy IVF results.


So, things seemed to be progressing well this IVF cycle. I had more follicles this time than before. They counted 17 follicles total on day 12 of stims. That’s good for me. Only 12 were measurable and between 12 and 21, so I figured we’d have no more eggs than that. So, we were pleasantly surprised when 14 eggs were retrieved yesterday. We’ve never had that many. Not by far. (Last time, when I was pregnant for 11 weeks, there were actually only 5 mature eggs.)

So I was thinking, “Ok, worst-case scenario, half of those were mature and fertilized. I’ll be happy with 8 embryos. I’ll be THRILLED.”  Yeah. Well. I should have aimed lower. 

For whatever reason, out of 14 eggs, only 8 were mature, and only TWO are embryos today. We have no idea why it’s so bad this time. Normally for us, when the eggs are mature, they all fertilize. That’s terrible results. So we may end up with nothing to transfer on Monday. Sigh. We even did ICSI!! How are there only 2 embryos from 8 mature eggs??!


14 eggs > 8 eggs mature> 2 embryos at 2 cell stage on day 1.

We’ll be lucky if we have *any* embryos to transfer at all. Fuck this shit. 



  1. OH I am so sorry….that doesn’t make any sense…I hope those 2 you have grow beautifully and you are pleasantly surprised on transfer day! Hoping and praying for you!

  2. I don’t know why I’m just now seeing this…..

    Fingers crossed for a pleasant outcome…


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