pretty sure


I know better than to rely on symptoms, since the progesterone makes me crazy and mimics all the symptoms of both PMS and pregnancy… but I’m pretty sure I’ve just got typical PMS now. Three IVF cycles, 3 IUIs, and countless cycles before that… you’d think I’d know what’s PMS and what isn’t. But unlike the pregnancy last time, I haven’t had the little flashes of feeling cold, and I haven’t had any nausea. YEah, I can smell things that J can’t smell, but that’s typical for us anyway. I POAS this morning, and it was negative, but I also know it’s a bit too early for that.  (8 days post-3 day transfer).

Truth is, I’m not sure I even want to do more IVF with my eggs. We’re trying to choose our insurance now for 2013 and it would be so nice to save money and have an HMO instead of a PPO….  $200 a month cheaper….




  1. I’m so sorry….I know you weren’t feeling it was going to work, but I was still hoping for you! I’m going to hold out on giving up until you get the official results!

  2. Yep, that round of IVF was a BFN. I guess I prefer negative test results to miscarriages, though… so … at least there’s that?…..

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