vindication, sorta

This was written at least 4 years ago. (Guessing around 2012)



Went to a urologist with my other half today… I hate that nobody at the fertility clinic ever recommended this. They’re only focused on the female body at fertility clinics. And it doesn’t help that I’m older than X… my age makes me an easy target. But I did happen to hear about something called DNA fragmentation in sperm that does NOT show up in semen analyses, and it can easily cause repeated miscarriage. Hello,… me?  Well, more on that later.

I think I’ve also decided on a fertility-oriented therapist. More on that later, too.

Lastly, given X’s vacation, it looks like we’ll be trying IVF #3 at the end of September… this might be tricky, because it coincides with this huge spiritual ritual that we’re both part of. And I really do not want to postpone that… because it could be six months later, I could be pregnant, etc etc… and I have a feeling if I don’t do the ritual in September, I’ll probably never do it at all.  (It’s 2nd degree, for those of you who understand these things.)

This is a draft message.:)


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