8 weeks along. Seriously.

Ok, I’m 8 weeks along today. Graduated from the reproductive endocrinologist yesterday after the second ultrasound. I think I’ll relax more after, say, 12 weeks, since last year’s miscarriage happened at about 11 weeks.  I’d like to have first trimester screening and the Mat21 test come back nice and happy before we tell people.

Rewinding a bit:

We ended up with only 1 embryo at transfer – another day 3. Sigh.  But ok. Fine. Fast forward to the blood test 10 days later – surprise, it’s positive.  And then the first ultrasound, a week ago….

We were SO CAREFUL to only transfer one embryo. We couldn’t handle multiples. We’ve seen or heard too many stories of preemies being in the NICU for 2 or 3 months, not able to breast feed, parents unable to sleep… and then the finances would have been devastating.  (I made the mistake of looking at daycare prices yesterday, and almost choked on my own tongue. How do people afford that?!  And with MULTIPLES?)  Obviously, people with multiples probably realize it’s cheaper to just have one full-time stay-at-home parent. Except we can’t afford that. Unless we sold everything and moved to, say, West Virginia…. anyway – NOT IDEAL.

So. I say all that because… at the first ultrasound, —oh it was funny.

The doctor saw two sacs.

I was on a delay, because I was busy starting at the monitor. And then I played back what he said – WAIT, what??

He thought he saw two sacs. Twins. OMFG. I just started laughing. We’d only transferred one embryo, but you can’t stop nature from making identical twins when it wants to. Meanwhile, my husband looks like he’s turned to ash.  I don’t think he found it as funny. But I mean, seriously…  it was a real Coyote moment.

But they couldn’t confirm the second embryo for sure – it could have been just a blob in the placenta that had a venous blood supply. Etc etc… Anyway. AS it turned out, we saw at yesterday’s ultrasound that everything was fine – just one. THANK EVERYTHING.

One comment

  1. Congrats! This is wonderful news! AH! the two sacs would freak me out too and we actually transferred 2. Glad there was only one and you can relax a little 🙂 Here’s hoping for a happy healthy full term pregnancy! Thinking of you!

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