Monthly Archives: May 2013

eventually, it’s going to dawn on me

…. that we’re bringing a new human into the world in about 5 or 6 months. This lack of symptoms just makes it easy to forget. I don’t want to buy new clothes. Can’t I just slouch around for 6 months in yoga pants and tummy-flattering shirts and just glare at people who start to […]

What a cute little dancing skeleton

  Seriously, my favorite part of the nuchal scan was watching the wee cucumber (I think I’m going to start calling it “Benedict Cumberbatch”) wave his/her arms around whenever I laughed. That was really endearing. Or would have been really endearing, if s/he didn’t look like a little lazy skeleton baby, kickin’ back and smoking […]

Nuchal tomorrow, and CAKE WRECKS

Cakes I don’t want to eat First, you DO know about cake wrecks, right? Everyone needs to know about Cake Wrecks. Now, it’s far too early for me to really be thinking about baby showers, and frankly, they scare the ever-living crap out of me. I don’t understand them. I realize I’m not a typical […]

Still no morning sickness. Yay?

  I think I’m glad. I should be glad, right?  So, I’m 10 1/2 weeks along. I haven’t had any random nausea. I had about a week in which I didn’t want to be around certain strong smells, but that was it. (I had to ask my other half to not eat garlic for a […]

pre-natal yoga (afraid of normal pregnant people)

I want to do pre-natal yoga, and I’ve been corresponding with the instructor over email. She sounds very sweet. It sounds like a great group.  But I’m hesitant to start, because I don’t feel like I’m ready to be around “normal” fertile pregnant women yet. I’m still too angry at the shitty things acquaintances have […]


  First of all, I’ve always had weird dreams, and I often have lucid dreams. I don’t think it’s related to pregnancy. I really don’t. I just happen to feel like sharing this one today. 🙂  Mainly, because it’s embarrassing.  Stephanie Meyer could write this. That’s what I mean by “embarrassing.”  *** I was deeply in […]

I’m evil. But I can explain! Sigh.

Found out yesterday that someone I despise (and I really don’t despise but a few people in the world) is now pregnant (too). Because she’s never dealt with any infertility, I’m pretty certain she peed on a stick and then announced the pregnancy a day later. So she’s probably about 4 weeks along, max. She […]