First of all, I’ve always had weird dreams, and I often have lucid dreams. I don’t think it’s related to pregnancy. I really don’t. I just happen to feel like sharing this one today. 🙂 

Mainly, because it’s embarrassing. 

Stephanie Meyer could write this. That’s what I mean by “embarrassing.” 


I was deeply in love with Peter Weller, who happened to also be a vampire. (Note: You may remember Peter Weller from “The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai” or “Robocop.”)  He was also in love with me. We were both teachers in a high school together. But I was also in love with another teacher. Peter calmly asked who it was, and then guessed it was “Mike ____” (some sort of simple, basic name). I think in between these conversations and declarations of love, there was probably also a lot of sex going on. Sadly, no three-ways. OH COME ON, WHAT GOOD IS DREAMING IF YOU CAN’T HAVE A THREE WAY WITH ROBOCOP and …er… an English teacher named Mike?

Dang, I wish I could remember more details. 


One comment

  1. I like you have very lucid dreams with or without pregnancy, but I will say my progesterone enhanced dreams are much more entertaining. And that does sound like a great plot line for the next “SAGA.” Embarrassing, but well, sex dreams are always good…too bad you lost some details…

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