pre-natal yoga (afraid of normal pregnant people)

I want to do pre-natal yoga, and I’ve been corresponding with the instructor over email. She sounds very sweet. It sounds like a great group. 

But I’m hesitant to start, because I don’t feel like I’m ready to be around “normal” fertile pregnant women yet. I’m still too angry at the shitty things acquaintances have said over the last few years. I think I’ll be more open to all of that after first trimester testing. 

The miscarriage last year was at 10 1/2 weeks, which is where I am now. 

Good news – my boss said he thinks it will be totally fine to telecommute on an almost full-time basis for the first year or so of the infant’s life. How cool is THAT? Of course, I imagine I will want to come into the office once a week anyway, just for sanity and to make sure people remember who I am. 🙂 

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