Still no morning sickness. Yay?


I think I’m glad. I should be glad, right? 

So, I’m 10 1/2 weeks along. I haven’t had any random nausea. I had about a week in which I didn’t want to be around certain strong smells, but that was it. (I had to ask my other half to not eat garlic for a few days; I almost had to leave the bedroom entirely one night just because he had garlic smell in his skin. I’ll share the story of how I may genetically be a vampire some other time…. wait, WhAT DID ShE JuST sAY?)

So other than the garlic aversion (and truffle oil aversion – I’m very classy), I’ve had virtually no symptoms. I mean, other than not having a period. I’ve had more energy lately. I guess I do wake up with some heartburn, but that’s it.  Were it not for the cats acting really lovey and weirdly affectionate for the last … well, 8 weeks, I guess… and were it not for… oh, you know, all the IVF and Beta HCG tests and the two ultrasounds … I would have no idea I am actually pregnant. My mom says she was the same way. 

So that’s good. Maybe nature is cutting me a break because of all the infertility fun and whatever. I was kinda hoping my dreams would be more racy, though. I mean… two nights ago, I had that silly dream about Buckaroo Banzai, and then last night I had a similar one in which I was TALKING and TALKING with David Duchovny.  Nothing sexy or spicy. Just freakin’ boring TALking.  I can’t even swing any cool shamanic dreams or dreams with creepy insects or blood or bones or whatever.  Let’s pretend this is because my waking life is just incredibly sexy and exciting already, shall we?

Maybe it’s because The Walking Dead and American Horror Story are both on hiatus. Hm. 

I was going to talk about maybe my lack of morning sickness is related to the fact I’m a vegetarian (although I do occasionally eat fish). I wonder if there’s a correlation. And I’ve just discovered the awesomeness that is carrot juice.

See? I told you. My life is exciting!  Carrot juice!


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