Nuchal tomorrow, and CAKE WRECKS

Cakes I don’t want to eat

First, you DO know about cake wrecks, right? Everyone needs to know about Cake Wrecks.

Now, it’s far too early for me to really be thinking about baby showers, and frankly, they scare the ever-living crap out of me. I don’t understand them. I realize I’m not a typical woman, maybe, and that gender roles are generally irrelevant to me. I like how my other-half and I aren’t traditional. So baby showers scare me because they seem to be this whole world of “traditional girly baby stuff” and I don’t understand … a lot of it. A party to welcome a new baby into the world? That makes sense. A woman-only party to celebrate becoming a parent? Wait, what happened to Dad? Why are we doing weird games? Why DOES THAT CAKE HAVE A BABY ON IT?? Or worse, why does that cake have a vagina and VULVA and a baby’s head with raspberry JELLY?  OH MY GOD, the HORROR.   And another page of the same.

Also, I reached 12 weeks yesterday, so  yay for that. Started loosely telling people at work today. Whatever.  I’m not gonna be a giddy schoolgirl about any of this (Cake Wreck: “Congratulations on your teen pregnancy!” )  But the nuchal ultrasound tomorrow should be cool. And what’s nice is that we already got the Verifi/MaterniT21 test results back, and there were no trisomies that showed up… so yay for that, too.  What I’m saying is… this actually might be happening. Gonna take some getting used to. After 4 years of interfility crap, it’s a little odd to be at this step…OH. Right. All of that stuff was so we could actually… you know… have a little human. I almost forgot that part.

I pray that people won’t innundate me with advice. That’s one thing that I’m really scared about with baby showers.  Can we post a sign on the door that says “Stories welcome! BUT NO ADVICE.”

For instance, people who are already hinting that I’ll be a bad mother if I supplement with formula at bedtime so that I can stay sane and get some sleep sometimes?  Hey, guess what?  Sane parents = happy parents.  Sleep really freakin’ matters to me.  So yeah, sleep training is gonna start early, and if that means breast feeding AND pumping AND formula, well, hey – that’s our choice. We worked hard to get here. We’re not going to be the worst parents.  Let us learn what works for us, ok?

Can I say again how glad I am, too, that I won’t really be showing until the fall?  I have time to practice ju-jitsu evasive maneuvers until then, though.

Also, we saw Star Trek: Into Darkness, and I was pleased to see Peter Weller working again. You may remember him from my dream a few weeks ago. He was Buckaroo Banzai, though. Not evil Marcus.


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  1. Cake wrecks….OMG seriously what are those people thinking?!?! But like a train wreck I can’t seem to stop looking….

    Congrats on 12 weeks! I didn’t really start telling people until 17 weeks, but I’m paranoid. The NT scan is nice because it’s usually a much better picture because their ultrasound machines are so much fancier. Enjoy seeing the little one…I will offer any story you want, and the only advice I’ll offer, be the parent you want to be to be the best for your child. What you do may be different than me or the lady down the street, but it works for you and your child and that is what is most important. Remember, women are judgmental bitches sometimes. Do what I do, smile, say thanks I’ll think about it and go about it how you had planned on doing things.

    Again, congrats on the milestone!!

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