What a cute little dancing skeleton


Seriously, my favorite part of the nuchal scan was watching the wee cucumber (I think I’m going to start calling it “Benedict Cumberbatch”) wave his/her arms around whenever I laughed. That was really endearing. Or would have been really endearing, if s/he didn’t look like a little lazy skeleton baby, kickin’ back and smoking a cigarette. (I swear, s/he was bringing her/his hands up to her face as if s/he really was smoking.)  

Oh. Right. Anyway, so everything was normal. And as I said yesterday, the VeriFi results came back showing “no aneuplodies.” So combined, everything looks clear… no Trisomies or sex chromosome problems. We did have the sex chromosomes analyzed, but we asked them to keep it secret. 🙂 

Cheers to dancing baby skeletons!


One comment

  1. YAY! for the dancing skeleton and all normal results!!! Can’t wait to hear how things progress from here 🙂

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