eventually, it’s going to dawn on me

…. that we’re bringing a new human into the world in about 5 or 6 months. This lack of symptoms just makes it easy to forget.

I don’t want to buy new clothes. Can’t I just slouch around for 6 months in yoga pants and tummy-flattering shirts and just glare at people who start to ask me if I’m expecting? I mean, I know I’m ruining everyone’s fun and everything, but I kinda like the idea of not having to talk to strangers about the pregnancy.

I’m already tired of the advice and people saying “Why aren’t you more EXCITED?” and I’m not even showing. How do I explain that it’s impossible to be carefree about pregnancy when it’s taken 4 years to get this far and I’m in my 40s and blah blah blah… I think mostly I just am not a bouncy care-free type. I’ve never really been to New Hampshire (driven through it), but I feel like this is how a typical New Hampshire person acts; nobody needs to make a big deal about me, please. Move along.

Things I’ve been thinking about:  What it is that makes friends and family (some whom have never even been pregnant) want to give me all this advice. Do I scream incompetence? Does everyone think I’m a sociopath?  Don’t answer that.

Years ago, I had one friend tell me, “Oh, before you get pregnant, let me give you a list of all the things you’ll want to do… because you’ll never be able to do them again.”  What the hell?  Nevermind the fact she sounded genuinely miserable, she also sounded like she was a martyr and wanted brownie points. It was shocking.   She generally seems to let her child run her life — I mean it — we can’t even talk on the phone. I don’t mean her child interrupts (which is also not ok), but that she doesn’t even try to talk on the phone at all. Her child – let’s call her “Didi” – is in school.  Not a baby. Why does Didi require so much attention that Mom can’t even talk on the phone? Where the hell is DAD, by the way? Anyway, these are things I don’t get. Other parents I know have normal lives.

Anyway, this is why I’m loving the “Bringing up Bebe” books and the “Lazy Mom” blogs.  I think I’m going to be the opposite of a helicopter mom. More on that another time.

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