Monthly Archives: June 2013

Halloween baby shower.

  Anyone have thoughts on non-traditional baby showers?  The usual games (measuring the belly, eating baby food) terrify me, and I don’t want any part of that…  So we’re thinking we’ll have a Halloween party with maybe one or two sedate “activities” (signing a keepsake or something)….   Anyway, if anyone out there has suggestions […]

Pre-natal yoga is lovely. I can DO THIS.

  Ok, my first psychological test went OK. I was surrounded by pregnant women, and I did not want to kill them. I am almost safe to go out in public.  Er… except that I go out in public all the time.  Oh well.  You’ve been warned.   

I’m going to hell. If it exists. Which it doesn’t. So, … yay me!

  I’m going to hell.  Turns out, the person I posted about a few posts back… she had a miscarriage. The one who I was wishing karma on? I admitted here that I actually was secretly wishing miscarriage on her (and her husband) because of the horrible things they’d said to me and my other-half […]