I’m going to hell. If it exists. Which it doesn’t. So, … yay me!


I’m going to hell. 

Turns out, the person I posted about a few posts back… she had a miscarriage. The one who I was wishing karma on? I admitted here that I actually was secretly wishing miscarriage on her (and her husband) because of the horrible things they’d said to me and my other-half about our own miscarriages.  Really, though, what I was wishing on them was awareness, understanding, empathy… you know, wishing they’d realize how freakin’ ridiculous their comments were. 

So I heard today that yep, she miscarried. Apparently, she started bleeding and went in to the doctor’s office. She had one of THOSE ultrasounds…. no heartbeat, and was told it had stopped growing at 6 weeks. 

And I actually feel sympathy for her!  It’s … a surprise. I didn’t think I had it in me. 

But I’m not that nice. My first thought was, “Oh thank god… now I won’t run into her at prenatal yoga.” 

I *am* going to hell. 

I really do have sympathy, though… I would for anyone who had to go through one of those hellish ultrasounds when you just know… ugh….  

The mutual friend who told me is trying hard to be sympathetic to the couple in question, too. It’s hard to be kind when someone was a complete douchebag, ya know? But at the very least, I understand that she’s probably going through some fairly intense physical pain and emotional upheaval. 

Forgive me, f*ck-you-fairies. I’m not smug! I’m NOT SMUG!  If I get smug, our child will end up a serial killer or something… 



  1. Even if hell did exist, you’re not going to hell. I went through a similar experience when my “frenemy” popped up pregnant shortly after I had my miscarriage. I never wished a miscarriage on her, just that she got super fat. Well, she did end up losing that pregnancy and I felt horrible. Then after she resented me for having a healthy baby a year later, I didn’t feel so bad wishing her to get super duper fat when she popped up pregnant again, this time with twins. And YES! She did get fat, and can’t seem to lose the baby weight, AT ALL! Aww, too bad…so if you did go to the non-exsistant hell, you’d be in good company! 🙂

  2. I love it when people rationalize and justify my evil! 🙂
    thanks. 🙂

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