Monthly Archives: July 2013

Fetal echocardiogram fun

Had the fetal echo today, and all was normal, although the wee one stayed face down for the first hour, making us all have to wait and me have to do some impromptu yoga to make him/her shift to a better position for the ultrasound. Still feeling odd little movements that feel more like bubbles […]

Milking room

  I do have to say that I sometimes love working for a big government agency:  I might be getting a lactation room in my building…. just because I asked. This is what happens when really nice people need more to do. “Uh, it’s really cool y’all are jumping right on this idea, but I won’t need […]


In response to the awesome Pregnant Chicken: I mean, OK, but I expected the kicking to be more martial-artsy.  All of that tiny little butterfly “kicking” yesterday really couldn’t have won any tournaments, and I expect bad-assery from the beginning. Whoever s/he is, s/he’s definitely active.  I am a bit weirded out by the idea […]

12 weeks (5/24/13)

“You got a light?” – The embryo kicks back and considers having a smoke. Or at least, that’s what I saw.

Crazy pocket hybrid diaper whatever

  There are a lot of different diapers out there.  And I have a phobia of Pampers and plasticky disposable mountains of disposable diapers… there’s something i just hate inherently about them. I am not even that much of an  environmentalist… am I? Ok, yeah, I guess I am. But what’s also really important to […]