Crazy pocket hybrid diaper whatever


There are a lot of different diapers out there. 

And I have a phobia of Pampers and plasticky disposable mountains of disposable diapers… there’s something i just hate inherently about them. I am not even that much of an  environmentalist… am I? Ok, yeah, I guess I am. But what’s also really important to me is sanity.  I just want some sort of diaper solution that lets us EITHER dispose of something foul and terrifying, or throw it in the washing machine. 

So I am doing some research, and i ordered a couple of single re-usable diapers: Charlie Bananas, FuzziBunz, and a Flip. 

What I think is interesting is how strongly people feel about diapers. I mean, I just want something that gives us options, and that works. So i got cranky when I went to a consignment shop and they clearly were getting some kind of commission from selling certain brands. BOOOO.  I innocently asked the proprieter, “Does this and such brand work with disposable inserts?” and she gave me huge attitude about not using disposable inserts at all, that she though cloth diapers were so easy there wasn’t any reason to use disposables. Oh really?  Seriously?  How about (just off the top of my head), going to the beach, taking your kid to a daycare that won’t allow cloth, and/or having relatives or other caretakers that don’t want to use cloth?  Dipshit. 


17  1/2 weeks, and all seems normal. Had a checkup a week ago, and the midwife used the Doppler and heard the heartbeat. Said my fundus was normal. Tra la.  FUNDUS. It’s FUN!

Anatomy scan on the 9th. 



  1. Yeah, how about a husband who refused me to use cloth. Oh how I wished we had invested in cloth. You never have to worry about running out. And they literally pay for themselves with in a few months. Good luck, and I’m so sorry the lady was so rude….some people are very touchy about using CD’s and look at you like a horrible person if you don’t use them ALL.THE.TIME. These of course were the same people who gave me dirty looks for feeding my child a bottle in public, even though it was pumped breast milk because my daughter WOULDN’T nurse. Good luck…so happy to hear heartbeat and fundus are good 🙂 or should I say FUN 😀

  2. Refused cloth! Ok. I mean, I guess I can understand refusing one extreme or the other, but I’d hope someone would at least consider hybrids or something. I haven’t tried anything yet, but I’m hoping the flexibility of hybrids will be a good solution for us. My other half is more wary of washing the reusables than I am… so it might end up that he uses the disposable inserts, and I use the washable ones. 🙂 I just hate the idea of mountains of garbage…. would much rather do laundry every day.

  3. CDsimple · · Reply

    Look into Grovia as well. A lot of people like this hybrid option. One thing to keep in mind, if go its pockets, you can always use a disposable insert in it without the standard pocket insert (at least the grovia disposable inserts/soakers will work in most any cover)

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