Milking room


I do have to say that I sometimes love working for a big government agency:  I might be getting a lactation room in my building…. just because I asked. This is what happens when really nice people need more to do. “Uh, it’s really cool y’all are jumping right on this idea, but I won’t need the space until I come back from maternity leave… in February.”  I should add that the building catty-cornered to ours already has a lactation room that I could easily walk to a couple times a day. There’s also an entire lactation network on campus. My, but some things have changed since the Mad Men days.

Or have they?

I haven’t been in a lactation room. Maybe it’s some sort of Handmaid’s Tale horror show and I will discover dozens of women hooked up to milking machines like dairy cows.  See, I’m still haunted by that hands-free nursing bra picture I posed a few months back.

Also, I’m really looking forward to the day I can post this on Facebook: “I don’t know what everyone complains about: Pregnancy is a snap. I should have done this ages ago!”  (Cue the armed mobs to show up at my house.)

I did almost say that verbatim to a coworker yesterday… he asked how things were going, and I said I’d love to be 21 weeks pregnant for the rest of my life. No PMS, no mood swings, no nausea….  lovely!

I realize as soon as i said that, that I was once again tempting the f*ck-you-fairies (or Coyote himself, or the fates, whomever) to really, really mess with me.

So, let me now complain loudly and retract everything I said. 😉


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