Fetal echocardiogram fun

Had the fetal echo today, and all was normal, although the wee one stayed face down for the first hour, making us all have to wait and me have to do some impromptu yoga to make him/her shift to a better position for the ultrasound.

Still feeling odd little movements that feel more like bubbles than kicks, but I guess I’ll just call them kicks.

I’m sitting here at the kitchen table with the front door open, looking out at the river. It’s a gorgeous day, and there’s an osprey circling and calling nearby. I love that sound. Makes me want to name the wee one some sort of bird-of-prey name.

21 weeks now…. 22 weeks tomorrow. Time’s flying, really. I’m glad the placenta is moving up and away from the cervix the way it’s supposed to. Crossing fingers I get to have a normal vaginal birth.

I half-wanted to sign up for a Bradley class, but I think I’ll just get the books instead. Trying to justify spending $300 on the class when we have so many other expenses right now… it’s just not really working. I think I’ll do OK if I stick with pre-natal yoga and reading (and practicing) the Bradley stuff. And a bit of hypnobirthing, although not a ton of it… I know what does and doesn’t work for me in that regard. 🙂 Relaxation, good.

The wonderful other-half put together the crib and changing table this weekend, so it’s officially beginning to look like a baby’s room now. And I’m enjoying the newly refinished floors and reorganized furniture… We actually eat at the kitchen/dining room table like normal people now instead of sitting on the couch. 🙂

Will upload the new ultrasound pictures later after we scan ’em.


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