Monthly Archives: August 2013

Suddenly, he’s a lovable drill sergeant. :)

  So, all of a sudden last week, my other half became a lovable drill sergeant: “We’re going to do squats every day!”  He’s started reading his Bradley workbook, and I think he’s decided he can “do” the hardcore coach thing.  I’ve been gently trying to remind him that his role during labor is not […]

Quite the little dancing alien

I’m 24 1/2 weeks, and the little alien has been rather busy the last few days. About five days ago, my other half finally felt the wee one move, just by holding his hand on my belly. So that was cool. 🙂  And tonight, just now, I *saw* my belly move. Crazy!  And I’m only […]

Effects of orgasms…

  I keep meaning to Google this, but I wonder if anyone’s ever done any research on how fetuses react when their moms are having orgasms. Anyone know?  I imagine it’s got to be fun for them, too. Let’s hope. I haven’t noticed an increase in movement or kicking afterwards, or anything, but still…   […]

Classes? Methods?

Had a midwife checkup on Thursday, and everything was normal, as expected.  I asked her about classes and methods for labor, and she had a few suggestions. What about you all: What do you all think about which birth classes and methods?  I’m a skeptic and not into completely hippie-like things, but I do want […]