Effects of orgasms…


I keep meaning to Google this, but I wonder if anyone’s ever done any research on how fetuses react when their moms are having orgasms. Anyone know?  I imagine it’s got to be fun for them, too. Let’s hope. I haven’t noticed an increase in movement or kicking afterwards, or anything, but still…  

And this is probably the kind of thing I’ll explain to the wee one when s/he’s a teenager, you know:  “Hey, this might freak you out: You were inside of me when Daddy and I got busy and had fun. So remember that when you think we’re really uncool. Kid, I totally had orgasms with you inside me. Doesn’t that completely freak you out?”

In other news, I’ve just eaten a sweet potato. I ate another vat of salsa today. I’m under the impression I’m going to make this kid have a really diverse palate if I eat tons of different spices. I’ve also heard that Indian women often have amniotic fluid that smells like curry, and I can’t decide if that’s gross or cool. In any event, I’m hoping this kid ends up with a wicked craving for curried food and wasabi and vegetables in general….  I’ll be heartbroken if they end up all boring or picky or just want crappy chicken nuggets. (I haven’t eaten chicken nuggets in at least 20 years.)

An acquaintance on Facebook, who’s the same gestational age I am (or however that’s worded) said she feels like this is the “hollow leg” stage of pregnancy because she’s eating everything. She’s been eating burgers. Now, I have not had any sort of craving for beef (seriously, haven’t eaten any in over 20 years). But I have been good about my protein. I wonder if the cravings are body-based, or if it’s just our excuse to eat whatever we want. 🙂 Me, I don’t want to end up obese again, so i’m trying to maintain some discipline and just eat healthy foods… ya know?


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