Quite the little dancing alien

I’m 24 1/2 weeks, and the little alien has been rather busy the last few days. About five days ago, my other half finally felt the wee one move, just by holding his hand on my belly. So that was cool. 🙂  And tonight, just now, I *saw* my belly move. Crazy!  And I’m only 24 1/2 weeks. I can only imagine how incredibly weird it’s going to be in 10 weeks. Or 15. 

The thing is, despite the baby furniture and the blankets and the diapers and the stroller, which are all set up and ready to go… and despite all the wee cucumber movement… it all still feels surreal. A baby? We’re actually bringing a miniature human into the world? Before the end of this year?  HOLY CRAP!

I need to eat more carrots. 

My only weird craving has been Raisin Bran.



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