Suddenly, he’s a lovable drill sergeant. :)


So, all of a sudden last week, my other half became a lovable drill sergeant: “We’re going to do squats every day!”  He’s started reading his Bradley workbook, and I think he’s decided he can “do” the hardcore coach thing.  I’ve been gently trying to remind him that his role during labor is not to make me cry or to hate him, but rather to nurture me and be on my side and do things like give me ice chips or cover my ass (literally) or get in the birthing tub with me. He understands this. 🙂 

I’ve discovered something that annoys me: All the books I’ve looked at so far treat Dad like an accessory, talking all about the important of mommy / baby bonding, how the baby should be put on Mom’s  chest immediately after birth. Why can’t Dad be the first person to hold the baby? That’s what we’re hoping for, anyway. He’ll be the one catching, so that makes sense, right? I’ll have plenty of time to nurse.  It’s important to me that he be the first one to hold the wee acorn.  

I also hate things like “Amazon MOMS.” I mean, thanks for the discount program and all that, but WTF? Why call it MOMs? Do Dads not care about discounts? Do Dads not shop? Do Dads just put on their Don Draper suits and go to their offices and expect their dutiful wives to stay at home full-time and handle everything child-related? STILL?  Seriously, people, it’s 2013…. I don’t know about you, but we’re co-parenting, and we can’t afford to have either of us stay at home full-time. (However, we are lucky: I can telework a lot, and he has a rotating schedule, so we won’t have to get daycare… we think… we hope…)





  1. Some of us have husbands who think like that….except I still work night shift on weekends. So his responsibility is limited to sleep time…His experience with children is EXTREMELY limited. He’s definitely getting better as he is actually taking our daughter to the grocery store with him. But I agree, dad’s should be included. I fought to have my hubs more involved. I preferred he didn’t talk. There was something about my physical and emotional state that didn’t agree with listening to his voice. But holding my hand and wiping my forehead and helping to hold my legs was really worth it! I hope your drill seargant eases up 😉 I’m sure he’ll be AWESOME!!!

  2. I guess I figured the “Don Draper” types were getting less and less common. 🙂 My other half is a paramedic, and has already assisted a bunch of births. So I’m trying to get him used to the idea that he won’t be feeling like he’s at work when I’m in labor. But he’s being very sweet lately; he recorded himself reading “Cat in the Hat” for my iPod so that I could play it to my belly and get the acorn used to his voice, too. 🙂

    I know we’re not a traditional couple, believe me! But I am still surprised that there aren’t more Dads out there more actively involved in being real parent-partners. :shrug!: I guess it’s just what works for us, and I shouldn’t take it for granted.

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