16th percentile = tiny.



Because I’m tired of the “she/he” and “s/he” options, I’m just going to say “they” even though we have a singleton. 🙂 

How could a child of ours be this tiny, I ask you? I’m 5’7″ and my other half is 6’4″.  And yet… well, no more “worry free pregnancy.” It was nice while it lasted. At the ultrasound on Thursday, the perinatologist told me that while everything else looks good (measurements, organs, activity, all of our tests to date…)…  the wee acorn is measuring very small at only 2 lbs 3 ounces.  For 28 weeks gestation, that’s smaller than average, in the 16th percentile to be exact. !@#

So the last time someone told me the embryo/fetus was small, I ended up miscarrying. That was “only” at 10 1/2 weeks. So I’m neurotically assuming now that this pregnancy is going to end horribly in a stillbirth or something. (I’m now giving the universe the finger.)

And yet, the perinatologist wasn’t too worried. I go back in a month.  Basically, there are two explanations for their small size; it’s either genetic, which seems strange (again, my other half is 6’4″) or the placenta is having problems.  If the growth plateaus, the doctor said, we’d have to start monitoring me a lot more closely and then eventually considering inducing early.  Because if the placenta is crapping out early, that means limited nutrition for the wee one, and that’s bad. Anyway, so in case the placenta is having problems, I’m upping my protein. (Had over 100 grams today.)

I’ve got my bariatric nutritionist looking up whether there’s any correlation with gastric bypass (RNY) and placenta problems. I haven’t seen anything on Google Scholar, but I could swear I saw something about this issue a few years ago. 

Dang, I hate that the neighbor and nosy coworker were right when they said I look too small to be 28 weeks pregnant. Sigh again…. 

And we still haven’t decided on names. 

And I still haven’t uploaded the ultrasound pictures!  

Cute, though:  During this ultrasound, they were practicing breathing, and also kept putting their feet above his/her head and waving. As we speak, they’re kicking me repeatedly… about 10 times in the last 15 minutes. So that’s good.  And we know there aren’t big problems, generally, based on the various tests (MaterniT21, quad screening, nuchal scans, fetal echocardiogram, anatomy scan…)).  The estimated size/weight has been great until just this scan.


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