Breech. F*cking breech! No unmedicated birth for us. Great.



I’m at 38 weeks. We’ve tried everything. This wee one is breech and won’t flip, and we’ve tried EVERYTHING.  We wanted so much to have this one experience be at the laid-back, comfortable birth center where we could walk the halls, play cards, I’d sit in the birth tub, we’d laugh… My other half would feel like a coach and partner, and we’d be able to manage the pain the old-fashioned way, like people have done for thousands of years. We’d not have to be part of the over-medical over-litigious birth industry in the U.S. that has cesareans for everything, including convenience. I didn’t want a C-section. I didn’t want abdominal surgery. I didn’t want a hospital birth!  


I’m pretty bummed. 

95 percent of pregnancies turn head-down by the end of the 8th month.  Goody for me. I get to be a rare exception.


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