So much to write


There’s so much I want to write about, but I usually put “sleep” as a priority over “blog.”

The short versions:

  1. Why did nobody tell me how much breastfeeding can really suck?  From bad latches to the unbelievably incessantly constant feedings (lucky if I had a 20 minute nap in that first month) to thrush…  jeez, I think my nipples have pretty much been in constant pain for 7 weeks. To everyone who had effortless breastfeeding: Screw you – you do not exist.
  2. Trading shifts with my other half so that we could sleep occasionally, and fighting every day anyway. (We used to argue maybe twice a year).  Newborns are hell on relationships — but that’s mostly from crappy sleep.
  3. I spent the first 2 weeks at home completely terrified of going to sleep while the baby slept. I was convinced she would die without one of us watching her. SIDS or smothering. 
  4. Our newborn does not like to sleep on her back.  Unfortunately, this is the only “Safe” way to sleep. This meant she cried a lot until we, thank god, discovered the Fisher Price “Rock n’ play”.  I couldn’t have her sleep on me or next to me in the bed because I was terrified I’d smother her or she’d fall off the bed.
  5. The crying-for-no-reason meltdowns are really hard.  When she’s fed, changed, rested, and cuddled, my logical brain says there’s no reason for her to cry…  sigh. Colic sucks, if that’s what it is. 
  6. Not having time, when one of us is sleeping or out of the house, to pee or drink something or make something to eat because I’m breastfeeding  All.The.Time and it’s darn difficult to cook with a baby attached to your tits. And using the toilet while breastfeeding is just weird. Saying things to your partner like, “I have to use the bathroom for 10 minutes; is that ok?” have become common.
  7. How the hell do people go back to work after 6 weeks and hand off their infants to daycare providers? I might be out for the full 12 weeks because I’ve had some medical issues (see “Had a baby/ almost died”).  

Anyway. Those are things I’d write about if I had time. 🙂




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