I have no memory of the first 5 weeks

It’s now been 9 1/2 weeks (cue cheesy 80s movie) since L’s birth, and she’s now been sleeping 6-8 hours per night for a week, more or less, minus a couple of times when she didn’t feel good. Anyway. 

So I don’t really remember much about the first month. I guess that’s typical… the sleep deprivation really played havoc with my brain. When we were in the hospital, we barely slept. L hated the bassinet and couldn’t sleep in it, so we’d sneak little naps with her on us, against the nurses’ rules. Once we got home, we were staying in the living room on the 2nd floor (because it was easier to be near the bathroom with my incision healing), and L was initially sleeping in a Moses basket. Sorta. She hated that, too. She just didn’t like sleeping flat on her back. I’m so glad a friend suggested the Rock-n-Play sleeper, which was a sanity saver…  It has an incline, so babies with reflux or general fussiness like it a lot more.   We also have a Cradle swing, which she also falls asleep in pretty easily.  

Nowadays, we’re gently trying to introduce her slowly to the nursery and the crib. She hasn’t slept in that yet, for reasons stated above.  But eventually, she won’t be sleeping in our room in the Rock-n-Play, especially once we both go back to work. (We are lucky; we are both off work for 12 weeks.) 

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