What color are her eyes?

What color are her eyes?

Grey? Blue? Hazel? Green??


  1. I’m going out on a limb here and guessing a multitude of all the above? Mine and one of my boys’ eyes are like that…

    1. What color do you usually say they are?:)

  2. For whatever reason, only the “green” portion of my response went through…. What I was following that up with is this:

    Green. Although apparently, it takes a little while for them to set. There is much speculation about the color eyes a child is born with and at what point that color “sets.” I got so much inconsistent information when the boys were born, that I just gave up. LOL! J’s eyes were a grayish blue when he was born, then they started doing all kinds of things. One day they were blue, one day green, another hazel, and another grey, then even a honey color. Thing is with my multi-racial background and my husband’s, we had no clue as to who would have what! Suffice it to say, they’re now chameleon eyes. 😉 But for the most part they’re a hazel-green.

    And from what I can see in the picture, I’m betting those eyes just melt you every time you see them, anyway…. 😉

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