Monthly Archives: April 2014

things to remember or not

So quickly, my daughter is developing a personality. (By the way, I am still not used to saying “my daughter.” Strange.) In the beginning, back in December, we just … pushed through. She was so tiny, and I was so scared to go to sleep without someone watching her at all times. I barely remember […]

There simply isn’t time, but, but, but!

  Truth is, I desperately think about writing in this blog all the time, and I tried to (last entry) while breastfeeding, using the dictation function in my phone. That was a laughable catastrophe. I’m so much faster and more accurate typing on a keyboard. Problem is, I’m only on a keyboard when I’m working […]

dictating while breastfeeding

Speaking this instead of typing this. Very fast typist, but I am only on my at I am breastfeeding. Much as I would like to type this, its just too time consuming to start up my computer. So I do all of my blogging facebooking and email with patients. Just for fun going to correct […]