There simply isn’t time, but, but, but!


Truth is, I desperately think about writing in this blog all the time, and I tried to (last entry) while breastfeeding, using the dictation function in my phone. That was a laughable catastrophe. I’m so much faster and more accurate typing on a keyboard. Problem is, I’m only on a keyboard when I’m working or when I’m completely harried and rushing while the little girl sits next to me, playing in her bouncy chair “mission command” thing. (I don’t know what the hell the thing is really called, but the Little Einstein people made it.)  Anyway.

I can’t believe, still, that we made a human. She’s 17 weeks old now, and just had her 4-month checkup two days ago. She’s now in the 50th percentile in terms of length (future height), but looks destined to be skinny, weighing in at only the 10th percentile in weight.  So.

Sigh… she’s getting frustrated with the little barrel thing on the Baby Einstein “machine.” I swear, she’s learning the limits of her gross motor skills; I could swear these whines are her being frustrated she can’t make the stuff do what she wants.

When oh when will I get a chance to really write?




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