things to remember or not

So quickly, my daughter is developing a personality. (By the way, I am still not used to saying “my daughter.” Strange.)

In the beginning, back in December, we just … pushed through. She was so tiny, and I was so scared to go to sleep without someone watching her at all times. I barely remember sleeping with her next to us on the 2nd floor in the living room at first. We thought I’d be in too much pain to go up to the bedroom. As it turned out, I was fine, and she did NOT want to sleep flat in the moses basket. That ended up being a pointless acquisition! The first few nights, we tried that, and it failed.. but I was breastfeeding so constantly that I don’t know how much we really tried to get her to sleep in it, anyway. I vaguely also remember having the basket on the bed for a night or two. And then we gave up. Had the car seat for a night. And then we stumbled on the idea of a Rock-n-Play, and praise the gods, she slept in it.

The other thing that disappeared suddenly were her primitive reflexes, or at least her startle reflex and the Moro reflex (mostly), as well as many of her sounds while sleeping. Those reflexes scared me at first… I thought they might never go away, and she’d be throwing her arms out forever… I was terrified she had something wrong.

Do they cry in utero? Or rather, do they get desparing and sad? (You can’t really cry without breathing, I guess.)

She began giggling a few weeks ago, and it was extraordinary and awesome. Her smiles had already enchanted us, but the giggles positively sealed the deal. She’d been doing these half “giggle pops” for a while already, but like a car that’s not quite turning over, she hadn’t quite laughed all the way “around” yet. (Hard to explain.) But when she did finally do a complete giggle, … well, wow. There’s nothing better in the world.
And what makes her giggle? Scatological stuff… chewing really loudly, helping her kick our faces, big noises when flying her around the room, tickles across her neck. She’s freakin’ adorable, people.

I was going to write more tonight, but it sounds as though she’s waking up unexpectedly… alas.

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