So, in the first few weeks, I didn’t want to sleep because I thought someone should always be awake and watching L sleep. I was terrified of SIDS or smothering, or whatever.

Now, at 6 months old, we’ve transitioned her to the crib in “her room,” and I’m neurotic all over again because I can’t hear her or feel her next to me.  She did just fine, mind you, sleeping 11 hours that first night in the crib (!!), but I didn’t. I woke up constantly to check the video monitor to make sure she hadn’t rolled onto her belly to accidentally smother herself. Sigh. I’m such a freak. 

What I would tell my old self from 7 months ago:

1) Always feed the baby first, in the wee hours. You don’t need to change the diaper first. They’ll just cry and scream during the change because they’re hungry. Save yourself the heartache and just feed her first.

2) Rock her to sleep a lot. Dance her to sleep. Research seems to show that babies who are rocked a lot learn to sleep better, sooner. 

3) When in doubt, assume she’s crying because she’s hungry. Then assume a wet or dirty diaper. And tired. But always assume hunger first.

4) Get on Zoloft as soon as you suspect you might need it. 🙂  (Yay, me!)

5) Get a video monitor and respond to her before she cries. This way, you’re not conditioning her to cry every time she wants attention. 

6) Smile a lot!  Be a smiley family. 

7) Give her a big variety of foods as soon as possible. 

more later.


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