Daily Archives: July 27, 2014

My tits are purple. And how are you?

  Another disadvantage to breastfeeding on-demand (which means basically all night right now, until L gets over her … what, teething? separation anxiety? milestones? all of the above?) … ┬áis that I now have thrush again. YAY!!!   My tits are stained purple. It’s damned sexy. Envy me.

Almost 8 months old, and the skinny runt is about to walk

  so, the disadvantage/advantage of having a small kid (or skinny, anyway) is that she started sitting up ages and ages ago, and pulled herself up to standing at about 7 months, maybe earlier (i wrote it down somewhere). Now, a week or so away from 8 months, she’s about to walk. She’s been standing […]