Almost 8 months old, and the skinny runt is about to walk


so, the disadvantage/advantage of having a small kid (or skinny, anyway) is that she started sitting up ages and ages ago, and pulled herself up to standing at about 7 months, maybe earlier (i wrote it down somewhere). Now, a week or so away from 8 months, she’s about to walk. She’s been standing and balancing for up to 20 seconds unassisted lately, so I figure the next thing is probably steps. Of course, she’s crawling around everywhere. Her crawl began like she was a wounded soldier, dragging a leg behind her. Sometimes, she’d crawl just using her feet (no knees), so she was always in this weird perma-squat.  But then she figured out “real” crawling and standing in a day or so.  So that’s her deal now.

still only has 2 teeth.

Still wants to nurse at night. I miss those months 2- 6 when she’d sleep 8 hours in a row. I did something to screw it up… breastfed her to sleep too many times, I guess. but hey, AT LEAST NOW she sleeps in the crib instead of the Rock and Play. Holy crap!  Ok, I should correct myself: she sleeps the first part of the night in the crib, and after i get tired of getting up to feed her (yes, she’s next to the bed), i just bring her into the bed with us (or me, if J is at work).

I hate his 24-hour shifts, still, but at least I don’t stress about it like I used to. We’ve gone to Childtime (a daycare center) three times now, and we absolutely love it. Even though she won’t take a bottle and won’t go to sleep easily (for us, anyway), they’ve gotten her to nap there.

i never would have considered myself an attachment parenting person before I had this wee girl, but now i get it. I’m following my instincts, and my instincts say, “Cuddle this child. Comfort her. Be kind to her. There is no need to let her ‘cry it out.’ She will learn to comfort herself and will learn to sleep just fine; there are kind, soothing ways to do this.”

the sad thing is, I really have no time for this blog. just the time after she goes to sleep and before I do… so that means I’m basically not eating dinner tonight! or losing time reading my book. Or whatever. but that’s ok.

somehow, J and I are working full-time and doing full-time parenting, with only occasionally using Childtime. This is why I have no spare time….

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