Communication and Almost walking

So, she’s a cute kid. We were at a funeral on Friday, and we brought her. Luckily, someone at the church found us a daycare room where they were broadcasting the service (closed-circuit), so we were able to relax and let L play. She stood up and started walking behind a toy truck. IWe don’t have one of those at home. Dang, she’s close to walking. She’s tiny…. I’m thinking she’s been sitting up and standing early because she’s so tiny. Less weight to pull up, ya know?

And she’s been having fun with her voice, yelling and shouting and smiling… So I yell and smile back, and I am pretty sure this is our first communication. Yesterday, she also added intentional lip-smacking to her communication methods: She lip smacks and looks at me, waiting for a reply. It’s fun and kind of awesome… she’s “talking!”

Like a friend said — having a kid is a lot like having a pet who learns to talk.

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