The kid talks

She’s cute. Definitely. Her first words and sounds seem to be:
1) DA. and DA-DA. No sign yet of “Ma” or “Mommy.” Fine. I only give you my body, but whatever.
2) Uh-oh (which I totally taught her) and sometimes sounds like “uh-OOH” and “Oooh-ooh.”
3) Wow (ditto), which also sounds like “woo” or “woo-ow”
4) KEE-kat (kitty kat)

Life has been difficult for the last YEAR OR SO because she began sleeping with us at 6 months old. I love it, but I hate the sleep deprivation caused by the frequent breast feeding. I google “night weaning” and laugh.

But she hugs and climbs on me and she’s incredibly agile… I don’t know how she’s learned to be so physically talented. Seriously… she is NO klutz. She likes to climb up onto things and is totally fine, just balancing and hanging out and catching herself if she wobbles.

Two nights ago, she was also fascinated by my singing to her in the bathtub. This is funny to me because I always sing to her in the dark at bedtime… but I guess it’s different with the lights on.

Ah, I do love this kid.

I feel lucky we were able to have her.  Without modern science, it never would have happened.


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