Night weaning while bedsharing….


So, my daughter is … (I’m losing count)…. 2 years and 4 months old. She’s a really cool human. She’s been talking in complete sentences for a while, and what’s wonderful for my mental health is the fact that she has stopped night nursing. Hoooooooray. People tell me all the time that when you wean toddlers from breastfeeding, you just have to “decide to do it” and there will be lots of crying and screaming. I don’t think there has to be. We’re down to about 2 or 3 feedings a day… shortly after we wake up, then after the work day ends, and then shortly before bed. Yesterday, though, we had a crazy record: 22 hours with no breastfeeding and not even asking for it. She didn’t ask for it when we woke up, so we went out and about and didn’t come home all day (which helps).  Next thing I knew, almost a whole day had gone by.

Night weaning is really freakin’ hard when you bedshare, as we do. So I’d started reading her a couple of bedtime books on occasion about night weaning. I can’t remember the titles, and honestly, there aren’t any fantastic ones out there (either the artwork or the story is weak, but who cares).  They did help, I think. I kept conveying the message that we’d sleep better and that she was a big kid.

And now a cat is howling for some reason, so I better go check it out before something gets peed on.



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