He announces he’s an alcoholic

So, I still look at families who have decided to have more than one child (let’s save the fact they were able to have a choice for another day) and I wonder how the hell they’re doing it.  Here’s what I’m guessing:

  1. They have a fuckton of family and friends who support them and actually come by to help (rather than offering but never showing, OH DO I SOUND BITTER?)
  2. They’re really into traditional gender roles and Mom is made of much stronger stuff than I am, and gets energized by all things mom-related, and loves being in charge of the kids, and Dad’s like a Don Draper and loves that his wife is running the household, and they’re both adorably fertile and probably no more than 25 years old
  3. They’re seriously medicated, beyond the mood stabilizers or Zoloft I’m familiar with
  4. They have their sights and standards set lower, and aren’t trying to do All the Things, such as working full-time and breastfeeding and co-sleeping and preparing to sell their house and getting Dad to recover quickly from fucking alcoholism and mood disorders…



Yeah, so, after knowing him for 17 years, my other half started acting moody. And then really moody. And then unbearably “Holy crap, What’s wrong with you?” moody. Long story short, he started using alcohol to self-medicate his newly growing mood disorder. SO, THAT’s BEEN FUN.  But  actually, he realized it really quickly, so all I can do is hope it will just be better from now on.

I started smoking again last week. BECAUSE I NEED A HOBBY.


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