She’s almost three. And amazing.

Is it ok to be totally in love with your kid? Cuz I am. She’s almost three, and talking up a storm. A few days ago, she was telling us about a boy she’d just seen at the library. She said, “He got frustrated because his sister was using the computer and he wanted to.” My other half and I looked at each other… “frustrated??”  She’s using big words for her. But what makes me the most in love with her this week is her “No, thank you” trend. SHE SAYS “No, THANK YOU,” people! And I didn’t even mean to teach her that. She just started DOING IT. She’s fucking awesome.

Also, I should add, she’s still breastfeeding. And I’m ok with that. I don’t offer anymore. I wait for her to ask. We’re down to about once every other day. Usually, it’s when she SEES me without my shirt on. That sort of thing. She’s kinda still like a teenage boy when she sees me… you know… “BOOBS!!!” But at least with her, it’s not sexual. That would be creepy, people. Stop it. 🙂

About the election: Ah.  What to say. America, you really surprise me sometimes.  I’m too much of a cynic and too much of a logical, rational sort to ever put a lot of stock in an election. Our system in the U.S. is not designed for rapid change. So that is sometimes both a comfort and a source of frustration, ya know?


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