I’m not being a vicarious “stage mom.” I just think everything is amazing.


So, I’m doing what I said I wouldn’t do. I believe in lots of free time to DO NOTHING for young kids. For any kids. And yet now, I have the wee girl doing choir, gymnastics, horseback riding, piano, and “ice skating just for fun.” I mean, she seems to love all of it, but it’s my fault she’s enrolled in all of these things, too. OK, she’s not taking ice skating lessons, because I can teach her that (and she’s figuring it out on her own super quickly anyway.)

Really, I am not trying to make her into a prodigy at all. I don’t think she’s unusually talented. I just want her to be exposed to all of these amazing things and she can always narrow things down later, after we go broke….


That’s totally normal, right? 🙂


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