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12 weeks (5/24/13)

“You got a light?” – The embryo kicks back and considers having a smoke. Or at least, that’s what I saw.

pre-natal yoga (afraid of normal pregnant people)

I want to do pre-natal yoga, and I’ve been corresponding with the instructor over email. She sounds very sweet. It sounds like a great group.  But I’m hesitant to start, because I don’t feel like I’m ready to be around “normal” fertile pregnant women yet. I’m still too angry at the shitty things acquaintances have […]

8 weeks along. Seriously.

Ok, I’m 8 weeks along today. Graduated from the reproductive endocrinologist yesterday after the second ultrasound. I think I’ll relax more after, say, 12 weeks, since last year’s miscarriage happened at about 11 weeks.  I’d like to have first trimester screening and the Mat21 test come back nice and happy before we tell people. Rewinding […]