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I’m not being a vicarious “stage mom.” I just think everything is amazing.

  So, I’m doing what I said I wouldn’t do. I believe in lots of free time to DO NOTHING for young kids. For any kids. And yet now, I have the wee girl doing choir, gymnastics, horseback riding, piano, and “ice skating just for fun.” I mean, she seems to love all of it, […]

Getting older = mass panic just because?

So, peri-menopause = total anxiety, world-ending sense of doom on occasion. That’s fun. I mean, how do I look for a therapist for that?  

writing into the future/ gymnastics for a three-year old?

Truth is, I don’t write much here on the blog because I’d rather write email to my daughter, even though she can’t read yet. We created an email account for her, and I just send thoughts to that address sometimes, so that one day she’ll have 20 years worth of email from me. I’m not […]


Firat post using a sort keyboard on mt phone I hate it Why Sid they do away with hard keyboards, the bastards? Who the hellnos sis oh hell Well. Next time I’ll talk about her first laugh.

You and your partner and a newborn

Other things I’ve learned (to be updated)   ** I have no idea what I was going to write in this draft three years ago. That pretty much tells you everything about trying to blog when you have a newborn. Truth is, I remember SO VERY LITTLE.  

She’s almost three. And amazing.

Is it ok to be totally in love with your kid? Cuz I am. She’s almost three, and talking up a storm. A few days ago, she was telling us about a boy she’d just seen at the library. She said, “He got frustrated because his sister was using the computer and he wanted to.” […]

He announces he’s an alcoholic

So, I still look at families who have decided to have more than one child (let’s save the fact they were able to have a choice for another day) and I wonder how the hell they’re doing it. ┬áHere’s what I’m guessing: They have a fuckton of family and friends who support them and actually […]