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12 weeks (5/24/13)

“You got a light?” – The embryo kicks back and considers having a smoke. Or at least, that’s what I saw.

pre-natal yoga (afraid of normal pregnant people)

I want to do pre-natal yoga, and I’ve been corresponding with the instructor over email. She sounds very sweet. It sounds like a great group.  But I’m hesitant to start, because I don’t feel like I’m ready to be around “normal” fertile pregnant women yet. I’m still too angry at the shitty things acquaintances have […]

Is this my future?

I dunno. She looks suspiciously flat-bellied and well-rested, considering she looks like something out of “Brave New World.” I’m all about breast-feeding, but I don’t know if I can pretend to be doing anything work-related while hooked up to a machine that’s sucking on my nipples.  Just saying.

8 weeks along. Seriously.

Ok, I’m 8 weeks along today. Graduated from the reproductive endocrinologist yesterday after the second ultrasound. I think I’ll relax more after, say, 12 weeks, since last year’s miscarriage happened at about 11 weeks.  I’d like to have first trimester screening and the Mat21 test come back nice and happy before we tell people. Rewinding […]

lesson in gratitude

I wrote a little narrative about the whole event for my online support group… ********** Just got electricity back after 48 hours without it. At least it wasn’t out for a full week like we’d expected. WARNING: Lots of TMI below.  It’s about a miscarriage, so be forwarned. My next death metal band is going […]

Weird resentments of “normal” pregnant people

It’s crazy. My immediate next door neighbor is due in October, and I’m due in January. But I’m keeping it a secret from her. I still resent her! I don’t know what my problem is… ok, yeah, I do. This is her second pregnancy since we’ve been trying (3 years). It’s been so effortless for […]

Small gestational age?

Fucking hell, doc! My reproductive endocrinologist, otherwise known as the fertility doctor, called on Friday and said he just realized that the embryo was a week behind schedule. They hadn’t realized this earlier because I’d come in for ultrasounds a week later (both times) than most people do. (For the record, I didn’t ask to […]